Wedding theme ideas for your dreamy wedding

A wedding is the most important day for couples, so they want it to be perfect. They also dream it to be a certain day, and it does not need any justification as it is their day. If someone wants his/her wedding to look like their dream, then nothing could be better than a wedding theme. It enables you to plan your wedding day in style. There are many options to choose from. We’ll look upon some of the wedding themes keeping India in mind but still consider some of the western themes. Here are a few wedding themes:

  • Fairytale wedding

 Some people believe in the idea of a guy meets a girl, there is love at first sight and the couple lives together happily ever after. For them, a fairytale wedding would be the most suitable theme. They can choose an outdoor location and decorate their fantasy world with flowers, fairy lights, chandeliers, etc. Artificial swans in the water can add an extra edge. The function can be themed on popular Disney characters like Cinderella, Elsa, Rapunzel, etc and their colorful wigs can also be worn by guests. Colors most commonly used for this theme are white, pink, peach, pastel and all dreamy combination of colors for décor and wedding outfits. Couple dances can be planned and iconic Cindrella’s shoe-fitting scene can be recreated.

  • Royal wedding

 Many people want to get married majestically as a royal couple. For them, a royal wedding is a correct option. For the royal wedding theme, the most important thing is the wedding venue which could be a majestic palace. It works best for the royal vibes. One can find their royal wedding venue in some kind of heritage property, a hotel resort, an outdoor location, etc. Most popular and beautiful locations are in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Little drama can be done like royal traditional announcements and the playing of nagadas and dhol. The outfits should also match the theme. The food menu should also have a touch of royalty. Staff should dress according to the theme. Metallic surahis can be used instead of bottles for serving drinks.

  • Green wedding theme

 Nowadays, a good number of couples are going for this option. It gives them a chance to give back something to society while celebrating their love. The location should be eco-friendly and no wastage of resources should be done. Minimal resources should be beautifully used for décors like sarees, dupattas, and drapes. Candles, earthen lamps, oil lamps, and glass reflectors can be used as the source of lights. Give plant pots and samplings to the guests as return gifts. Guests can be asked to donate for some organization as a charity instead of getting wedding gifts. This kind of wedding spreads happiness and kindness.

  • Forest wedding theme

Some couples want to get married in a forest. They can find a jungle resort, a forest cottage or bungalow for the wedding venue. They can use logs as seating and tables for the rustic vibes. The ceremony can be done near a lake or a river and a bonfire should also be arranged. Shades of green should be included in the wedding outfits like olive, avocado, henna to blend with the surrounding. Local delicacies and fruits can be included in the wedding food menu. The freshly caught fish and meat should be used according to the theme.

  • Beach wedding

 This is the dreamy choice of wedding theme. People can go for a destination wedding outside India or in some of the beaches in India. There should be a secluded location for the wedding. In an outdoor, beautifully decorated setting, a couple will get married. Wines should be served and the people could wear clothes according to Hawaiian culture. Music should be there. Seafood should be on the wedding menu.

  • Colors wedding theme

 This can also be called a rainbow theme. As the name suggests, this theme will be full of colors. The décor should be colorful, all kinds of colorful flowers should be used. Different colors of roses can also be used in one place which will look romantic, at the same time very vibrant and cheerful. It also fits properly at the wedding of India. The outfits of the bride, the groom and guests should also be filled with colors. The food menu should also be managed with different colors. No shortage should be there in wedding theme colors. This wedding theme can thrill the guests.

  • Religious/Traditional wedding theme

Bollywood movies have glamorized the wedding all around India, but some people like their wedding to be traditional and religious. Indian weddings are woven with religious beliefs and sentiments. The place can be decorated with peaceful flowers and devotional instrumental music will play its part. Food, décor, and setup can be customized to match the theme’s ambience. Some traditional dishes can be included in the food menu. This kind of wedding theme will capture the hearts of elder people and young alike. This theme is an excellent choice for those who want to hold their traditional roots during their wedding. Some traditional rituals should also be beautifully executed with the help of elders of the family with the blessings from God.

  • Fusion wedding theme

One of the most creative wedding theme ideas is a fusion wedding theme. It is fabulous as it sounds. A mix of Indian and English cultures can do wonders at this wedding. This wedding theme is favourite among couples who are from different cultures. Dress code, decor, cuisine, and music will be the best from both worlds. Rituals and ceremonies from both cultures will be executed. This wedding theme is highly creative and personalized. Cultural dances and traditional recipes can be arranged according to both families. Decoration should be a touch of both cultures. Guests mostly enjoy fusion weddings as they can experience and see things from different cultures.

Just go through these amazing options and choose yourself a dreamy wedding theme that will bring your fantasy into reality!

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