It’s all about LOVE

Let’s talk about love. Love is one of the strongest feelings anyone can come across. Some think they don’t understand and some claim they know everything about love. Nobody can tell what exactly is love. As it’s been said, “Everything is fair in love and war”, so it is not fair to set rules for love by anyone.

Love can happen at any age and circumstance. Let me be clear, by love, I mean we are not talking about the love we have for family and friends. We are talking about the feeling we get when we meet the special one, with whom we want to spend the rest of our lives.

I will talk to you, not based on any scientific research but through my understanding and experience. I relate to all.

The majority of us have first experienced our first feeling of love in school. We all had crushes and some got crushed. It was a part of our life. We liked someone, some even had a liking towards teachers. We must have wanted to talk to that person, but at the same time didn’t want to. That age was such, we didn’t understand a thing, but in our heads, we were masters of everything.

We all got into first relationships. Nobody can forget that time, feeling of butterflies in the stomach for the first time, first text, first call, first date, first kiss, and all of that.

When someone comes in a relationship during school, the person is very innocent and vulnerable. They think that it will last forever. Some even last forever but that is not applicable for all. At that age, we want everything about our relationship to be perfect. We start to take our relationship very seriously. The wrong things that shouldn’t come into our relationship at that age are jealousy, dominance, doubt, etc.

Kids behave like married people. They even start to control their partners. Kids should understand that age is not the age for having a settled relationship, but that age is to have fun and prepare for their bright career. They go through breakups that are very painful and confusing for them. Parents should be friends with their children and counsel them then. Nobody can console and counsel the kids better than their parents.

Then comes college life. This is the most crucial stage to shape life. If someone gets into a relationship that gives the person positive energy and the support needed, that person will do wonders in career and life. But if the exact opposite thing happens, the person breaks down.

Sure, it depends on person to person. Not everybody is the same. Some are sensitive, some are strong. Everybody handles things differently. My advice will be one should concentrate more on career, rather than just trying to please someone who is not even fully interested in you. See the greater picture of life. Prioritize your family and career.

If we are talking about adolescence, we should also talk about flings and hook-ups. In today’s age, its pretty common in big cities to do hook-ups. People can argue that it is ethically wrong. But, can we force our opinion on everybody else? No, we can’t. Are hook-ups bad? In my opinion, hook-ups are fine. At least, youth nowadays are more open to their desires and needs. If someone is single and he/she meets the other person who is not committed, it is fine to have sex. Sex should be only consensual from both sides. This is a good concept than cheating.

If youth desire sex, until when can they suppress their needs. Marriage is not a solution for this when they have to shape their careers. But, be sure you are not cheating anybody else.

Dating more than one person is wrong. You shouldn’t be doing it. One should respect each individual and their feelings. Revenge and jealousy are also wrong.

If someone doesn’t get married for a whole life, say doesn’t feel the need to marry but want to have an active sex life is not unfair. That’s his or her personal choice. We, as a society has no right to question that.

If you get married, you should be loyal and honest with your partner. The moment you feel an attraction for somebody else, feel open to discuss that with your partner. Come to one correct decision. Honesty is the key. If things don’t fall into their places after marriage, and you both feel like it will never get better despite several trials, It is better to get separated rather than just being trapped in a broken relationship. Never hesitate to move on and start a new relationship with someone else with whom you share a better bond. But do share everything about the past to the special one.

If later in life, when the age is considered to be retired from everything, you fall in love with someone, don’t be afraid to take it further. You shouldn’t be afraid of what will society say, as the most important thing that matters is your happiness. It is better to be with someone special rather than being alone.

So live fully, love fully !!

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