Impact of Bullying on youth

Bullying is something that no one deserves. It is time this issue should be looked upon worldwide. What exactly is bullying? It can be done in many forms. Bullying happens at any phase anywhere…like in childhood, a youth when you’re stepping into adulthood, at the workplace, social media, etc. It can have adverse effects on people which everyone has to understand.
Childhood is a phase when children are very sensitive. This is the time when they have every opportunity to explore themselves, the moment to shape their life, career and enjoy. They spend most of their time at that phase in school. But, several instances of bullying have been found in school. Peer pressure has become a thing in schools and colleges. If students don’t fit in a specific type, they are outcasted. They are treated differently, to be specific rudely. Students tend to form groups and bully a person they find different or don’t like them. They seek happiness in this. They don’t realize what effect it has on that victim of such kind of action. There have been cases when the victim loses self-confidence and self-respect. It is mentally devastating. This tends to depression and suicide. We all are human and all need acceptance, appreciation, and love from others, and if we get the opposite of this which we didn’t expect, we get shatter. Students should understand that people come from different backgrounds, there is cultural, financial and economic diversity and they should respect that.
Bullying can also happen in the workplace. Employees are cornered and bullied. It severely affects their confidence and mental health. People should understand there is a whole lot of responsibilities on people, and instead of encouraging and being a support for them, they are discouraging them. Because of work opportunities, people tend to move to other cities or countries. Culture, food, many things are different from them, so colleagues should be a support to each other out of mutual respect.
Today, social media is not unknown to anybody. Everybody has their own opinions on social media. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc has become a place where people have different opinions on things, issues, and other people. One major thing nowadays coming across is Cyber Bullying or Trolling specially of celebrities. India is also not immune to this. We can take an example of an actress Munmun Dutta who plays the role of Babita in one of the most famous Indian soap opera ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. She is trolled on each post on Instagram based on her character on the show and body. She including many other actors has to disable comment section of their social media posts because of the unwanted, indecent and vulgar trolling. People also don’t hesitate in making vulgar memes and sharing them on social media platforms. They don’t deserve to be harassed like this publically. People misuse the power of freedom of speech, they just don’t realize how can their actions affect the mental health of the other person as today, social media presence has become an important part of the life of celebrities as they are what they are because of their fans.
Cyber Bullying has also affected reality shows. People are highly engrossed in reality shows, they find someone as their favourite and like them and likewise some they don’t like. But, the thing the audience doesn’t understand is that all it is for just a show. The contestants are bashed and trolled on social media to the extent it severely affects their mental health. Each person has a different level of mental strength, some can ignore it and some can’t. For example, two contestants of a reality show ‘Love Island UK’- Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis committed suicide because of trolls they were getting online. They couldn’t take it, went into depression and finally took their own lives. Nobody intends to harm or kill anybody because of their negative comment, but gradually it happens.
Bullying is a deep issue. Children should be taught in their schools and at home not to bully and corner anybody. Mental health should be taken care of. Everybody should be ready and comfortable to talk about mental health and should be a support to one another.

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