How to Work from Home efficiently?

Now amidst COVID-19, most of the employees of various companies around the globe are working from home. Working from home is a good way of not stopping your work. Many people face problems doing work from home such as distractions, less communication, less accountability, etc than they were working from the office. Even if you’re a full time working from home, just a couple of days per week or have to work from home during illness, these steps will help you increase your efficiency during work from home:

  • Try to work during regular office hours

Even though you decide to bring flexibility in your work hours, try to stick to the office hours, it will increase your efficiency and effectiveness. You don’t have to exactly work from 9-5, but you have to make sure to be available

  • When your boss needs you
  • The time of the day in which you are most productive
  • When you need to communicate with your co-workers and customers

Somedays, you will feel like you’re your boss as you can work from home and want to take a day off from work, but it is also important to be available for some work consistently like checking emails in the morning, attending calls from office and customers in afternoon, etc. This will help you to finish your work on time and avoiding to work after office work hours at home during the night.

  • Maintain work-life balance

Just like when you’ve promised yourself to work and you’re working, don’t extend your work hours which will result in lesser time for yourself. Keeping work time and personal time separate, it will improve your productivity and decrease your stress when you’re not at work. When you promise your family to spend some time with them in the evening, do inform in your office that you won’t be available at that time and maintain your commitment.

  • Plan your workflow

It is important to plan your work for the day. You can plan that night before going to sleep or during breakfast or exercise in the morning. Set your priorities of what jobs to be done first, know how much time you’ll take to do the job and what you’ll do if you get spare time after completing your work. Plan to work for your most prioritized job at the time when you have the most energy and you’re most productive. Give yourself little breaks throughout.

  • Take breaks

Plan a few breaks during your work. You can get up from your chair, get some fresh air, pick a healthy snack and can also talk to a human being if it is possible. You will regain your energy through these breaks and will be able to complete the rest of the work without getting exhausted. Just make sure to plan the duration of your breaks so that you’re not too distracted. Take a longer break for lunch.

  • Dress like you are actually at work

Not all people agree to this, but it helps. Try to live as if you’re actually at home. This starts with taking a shower and brushing your teeth. Wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants makes you feel sleepy, sluggish and unmotivated. Wearing a good work outfit and being fresh will make you feel good about yourself and motivated.

  • Create an office at home

It might be tempting to work from bed, couch or easy chair, but it will have a worse effect on your productivity. Try to work from a consistent room, desk or chair that will remind you that you are at home and not make you feel dizzy or sleepy. Try to be more alert and organized. Set up a work desk and make all the things available what you need during your work. Also, personalize the space as you’re going to spend a lot of your time there. You should also make available important requirements like a laptop, internet connectivity and software required to do the job efficiently.

  • No roomies allowed

You also need to set some boundaries during working from home from kids, spouses, roommates, and pets. You can tell them not to disturb you and it will help you to stay focused. 

  • Keep your office space clean

Unline in an office where there is a janitor to clean after you, you have to clean your office space yourself. It will increase your focus, productivity and you’ll be more organized. Also, keep a day per week for cleaning the house as it will affect your work by seeing a messy home.

  • Tune in to inspiration

A great advantage of working from home is that you can’t distract or disturb your co-workers. You can play a loud jam if that keeps you energized and working or some soft instrumental music if you like that. You can also open your windows if that soothes you.

  • Stay connected

One of the biggest advantages of working from an office is the potential for socialization and collaboration. Don’t compromise with that if you’re working from home. Stay connected with your co-workers a couple of times per week through email, phone, Skype or even in person. Keep a relationship with them on a professional as well as personal level. Never stop making friends. Share some important things with them and encourage them to do the same.

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