How can I get a job as a fresher?

This is the question that comes in the mind of most of the college pass-outs. Everyone don’t prefer to take the college placements because of various factors like low pay, brand, etc. Some like to see for better options themselves. So, let’s get started :

• Customize your resume

Don’t give a generic resume to every recruiter. You need to put effort into it. Go through the job description and customize it according to it so that it contains all the requirements the recruiter is looking for. This will surely add value to your chances of being selected.

• Social and Professional networking

Everything is going digital now, so you definitely need to have an online presence effectively. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook is popular among job seekers and recruiters today. These platforms give you a chance to brand and market yourself. If you want your profile to stand out, then put some effort into nicely listing all your credentials. Build up your network by following the posts of and activities. Engage with potential employers.

• Utilize Job Portals

If you are looking for job opportunities, then the best place for you to find it would be job portals. There are various online job portals by which you can get help to get the desired job. All you have to do is go on the portal and put work experience as fresher, after putting that filter, search for jobs. Some popular online job portals are,,, InstaHyre, etc. These job portals provide premium jobs at a preferred job location; you can have a look.

• Company Job Page

You can also apply directly to the company’s website. From their job section. If you apply from there, the HR manager will contact you for the available job at current.

• Career Events and Job Fairs

A job fair is a good place to meet your potential employers. You can meet them face to face, do leave a good impression on them. Carry a card of your biodata listed if possible. Don’t hesitate to follow the recruiters on social media.

• Recommendation letters

Recommendation letters add to your profile’s credibility. You don’t have any work experience so you can get the recommendation letter from any teacher, lecturer, or mentor of your previous internship. It gives employers an insight into your skills and abilities.

• Job Referrals

This is one of the best ways of getting the job. You can get a job in the desired industry if you can be referred to the recruiters by any of your contacts. At least you should be able to get an interview scheduled.

• Walk-In Interviews

In the walk-in interview, the company or firm decides a time slot and date; you can go to the office on that time slot anytime without any appointment taken before. These interviews give freshers a good experience of interviews and allow them to be comfortable.

• Emails

You can find email ids of HRs of your desired companies on social media platforms. You can email them professionally if you can apply for any available position. You can also send an email to the HR who has seen your profile or downloaded your resume or CV on any job portal.

• Apply directly

There is also an option of applying directly by going to the concerned office. Who knows those people can get impressed by your motivation and give you a chance.

So, Good Luck with finding your desired job!

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