Few Tips to Shape your Career

Few Tips to Shape your Career

A career is a job or a list of jobs that you do during your entire life when you continue to get better jobs and earn more money.  Career is a very vast topic in itself. I’m not a very successful business person who can give you a perfect potion for your successful career, but you can think about my points which can improve your ongoing career.

Deciding the path of your career

This is the most important thing as this decision will shape your career in a particular direction. When you start to think about what you want to do for a living, don’t let yourself be affected by peer pressure. You should explore yourself, what you want to do, in what all your interests lie upon, and how passionate are you in taking that as your career. It has to be decided taking all things into consideration, do detailed research about how to go further, and what are the opportunities. Refrain from being impulsive during taking the decision.


Next step is creating your resume. Your resume should not be exaggerated; it should be short, precise, and easily understandable. Vagueness is not required. You can use some keywords which can add value to your skills and achievements. Use keywords like “led,” “handled,” “managed” that can enhance and highlight your leadership skills. Customize your resume in the way it meets the requirements of recruiters.

Finding a job

When you proceed to find a job, there are many ways to do that. You can also get jobs through social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. There are a lot of job vacancies over there. And the best way is to build a connection with the HRs of your desired companies and see if there are any job opportunities in their organization. You can also see the company job page.

 You can also visit career fairs and events to know more about the industry. You can also get in contact with the people of the industry you want to join in those job fairs. There is also an option of Walk-In interviews, and you can also directly visit a company you want to work for. The chances are that they might get impressed by your motivation and have a job position for you in their company.

One of the most reliable ways of finding the job is through online job portals like Naukri, Monster, InstaHyre, HireTale.com. In these platforms, you can get premium jobs by filtering their databases.


Before going for an interview, you should be fully prepared for it. Research about the company, their goals, and what they expect from you. Go through your resume, and you should be prepared to answer any questions related to it. Be confident and humble. Brush your interpersonal skills. Same applies if you are giving an interview on phone or Skype.


You should learn to manage your job as well as your relations with other people. Learn to have a balance between work and personal life. If you are in a managerial position, make sure there is proper work culture and equality is there. You should motivate juniors and mentor them to increase their efficiency. Make sure you are not making promises that you can’t keep.  Companies who have thought about their culture have 17% higher profit growth than those companies who didn’t. If the work culture is good, then profitability and productivity will increase.


To be productive at work, you should know how to manage your energy, not just your time. Try to avoid things at work that distracts you; you need to learn how to be disciplined. Set goals and deadlines for yourself that are achievable. Don’t push yourself too much against your abilities and limit. Design or re-design your work space to increase your motivation to work, don’t overdo it. Use technology efficiently that can increase the quality and speed of work.


Communication during work can be of many types. Some ways are in-person interaction, phone calls, email, etc. You should be professional if you have to communicate with anyone related to work. By working on your communication skills, you can ace your presentations. You should know how to deal with angry customers. By communicating nicely, you can get onboard more clients for your organization, and in this way, you will also gain confidence.

Salary Negotiation

You should know about your salary structure and components. To understand each component in financial terms is not easy, but you can have a basic knowledge about it. When you are being hired for a job, understand that the discussion on your salary is not just about quoting a figure, it is a lot more than that. It is a combination of calculations and variables that have helped to distribute your salary. By having basic knowledge, you can be able to negotiate your salary better.

Social Media and Blogging

You can get yourself noticed by recruiters of your dream company or industry by properly managing your LinkedIn account. Your LinkedIn summary should contain all the skills you have. Even when you are not looking for a job, post an article on your LinkedIn feed each week.

Job Change

If you think your job is monotonous and there is nothing left to learn from your work, then you can think of job change as an option. Firstly, think about it, do you need a job change, what all changes you are looking for. Then research about how you can go for that change. You need to learn what all things you need to learn for the job change and is this even worth.

Work-Life Balance

If stress is driving you out of your job, you are not alone. This kind of situations comes in everybody’s life; you have to learn not to let it affect your work.

 In a poll made by Monster in India, nearly one-third (32%) of respondents said that they have thought of leaving or have left their jobs. While the two thirds (68%) said that they either stayed on despite the stress in their ongoing roles or were able to resolve the situation. This kind of problems get resolved, just be patient and talk to someone trustworthy and reliable and try to solve the problem. You should also not ignore your hobbies; they keep you lively and motivated. You should know when to draw a line so that work doesn’t hamper your personal life.

Motivation & Thought Leadership

You have to be motivated enough to carry on with your work efficiently. If any plan doesn’t work, there are many more options or ways of doing it, go for that, don’t get disheartened. Set your bar higher, as you will continue to work hard for it until it gets achieved. If you start setting average goals, it will lead to an average career. Even you have talent and skill; you can’t expect success overnight, it takes time. Use the resources you have efficiently to get the job done. No matter which industry you work in, the analysis of data is critical to reviewing past work, team dynamics, understanding work, and staying agile. You should understand that there are few traditional techniques that can’t be replaced by modern ones.

Lastly, I think if you keep these in your mind, then you it can impact your work-life to make it better.

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