Choosing Career

Career Selection- this sounds scary at the same time exciting during Standard 10th and 12th. There are lot of factors that affects the decision taken by a student about his/her career. It feels like it is one of the biggest decision of life. It will make you go through a particular path throughout life.  There is peer pressure as well as expectations from family and friends.

When we were kids, we were been asked by elders what we want to become when we’ll grow up, we would say anything what comes first in our mind like Pilot, Engineer, Teacher, Superhero, etc. It was kind of exciting deciding that. But it doesn’t remains the same once we start growing up.

As we grow up, we have to think about lot of things that will help us decide the career we want to pursue. In this century, career is taken as a big thing by both-students and their parents. Parents try to impose their own decisions and dreams on their children.

One thing that causes to decide one’s career is student’s marks. On the basis of board’s marks, we decide their fate, that they should continue on a particular stream or not. Marks should not decide one’s career but their interest on a particular stream.

Peer pressure: one more thing is peer pressure. Students see what their friends are choosing as their career and get influenced by it. They fail to understand that maybe that isn’t suitable for them. They often tend to get attracted to the career that is on trend at that time.

One should properly think about the career they want and are ready to pursue. They should explore and analyse all the possible and interested options and then decide. They can also take career counselling. By these kind of sessions, students are given proper guidance about choosing a career option. Students will get clarity about various options and get rid of confusions.

Parents should also support their children on any career they choose. Maybe they won’t get immediate success but there should be patience and support for them.

Even at some point in life, someone feels that he/she has taken a wrong decision and wants to change it, he/she has every right to change it. It is their own life. Their close ones should understand and support this decision. They can still do fine if someone comes to know about what actually they want to do even at later phase of life.

Apart from normal jobs, there is also an option of entrepreneurship. Parents often get worried on listening that their children want to do something on their own from scratch. There is no guarantee of success. If the person is actually capable of doing things on their own, they should be allowed to do so. They can do wonders.

Career should be chosen according to one’s interest not under anybody’s pressure. They just need support and encouragement from their close ones. It will boost their confidence and they will do best for themselves in their lives.

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