Can we rely on our mainstream media?

Can we rely on our mainstream media?
With so much of happening these days, our media channels have not been at rest. People were so much interested to know about the Covid situation in our country, then their interest shifted on Vikas Dubey’s encounter, then Disha Salian case, then Sushant Singh Rajput’s case, Hathras Gang Rape case, and we don’t know to what. People are shifting to and fro and are being diverted because of media.
Earlier, media was like a source of information, not according to one’s choice, just information unbiased. But now, it’s not that case. Big news channels like Republic TV, Aaj Tak, etc are trying to mold the news in the benefits of the political parties they are associated with. Some people are blindly believing what they want people to believe.
Talking about the hot topic right now, the Sushant Singh Rajput’s case, the common public has been shaken by the sudden demise of the actor. People want justice for him and his family. News channels are taking advantage of that. As people are glued to the news to know what exactly happened to him and what is the current update of the case, they check various top news channels.
Now, these news channels are also coming up with fake pieces of evidence and witnesses that claim they know everything and will solve the case. People are already taking out their conclusions and already have come up with their culprits even before CBI.
Aaj Tak has already been fined for sharing fake tweets related to the SSR case, Republic TV has shown and interviewed witnesses in the case which later came off as liars or fake. This is not a joke. Why this misleading. Is anything that matters is TRP?
Talking of TRP, news channels are being suspected of buying the TRPs. This is now how it was supposed to be. They are presenting themselves as clowns.
CBI is doing their work. All we have to do is to patiently wait for them to complete the investigation fairly, and when they release their reports, then we have to decide that are we satisfied with it or we need more investigation.
People have already decided who is behind all these and trying to make the lives of the people hell. What if they are not the real culprit. Will people apologize to them, will the media apologize to them, or they will shamelessly turn to some other case that will gain them TRP? Nobody is accused until a fair trial in court.
Nowadays, each big news channels are associated with particular political parties. They show news against the other rival parties. They always show news in favor of their party. If any single politician is involved in any case, the news channels against that party will try to bring the person and party down with their full strength. Political agendas are being pushed in every case.
All the cases are not given full importance. Some cases are just neglected because it fails to give TRPs to the big news channels. All they care about is politics and TRP.
Some people are trying to gain fame by talking about anything and anyone through these news channels. They want to gain fame because of their selfish reasons. It is unfair that some celebrity is getting high security, and in other place, crimes are happening with common people who need a little care.
I don’t hate these news channels, I just want it to give unbiased, reliable information, not taking sides of anybody. Media channels are a strong medium of awakening people to the right things, they should stick to their roots and realize their power.

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